Zip Code: 95816
School District: Sacramento City Unified
Avg. Year Built: 1939 or earlier
Website: Midtown Sacramento City Data
Style of Homes: Victorians, Craftsman Bungalows, Cottages

This area of Sacramento is one of the very few locations that are still striving despite the housing slump. New luxury high rise dwellings are being raised and transforming the downtown area as a hot place to be.   Midtown and other downtown living consist of Victorians, Craftsman Bungalows, Cottages, modern lofts and new condos.  Dining and nightlife is within steps to your front door. The movers and shakers in Sacramento are drawn to Midtown for its energy and vibe. Comprised of residential and retail areas within a 13 by 22 block area near the state capitol, it’s where all the cool kids hang out. With hip restaurants, cafes and wine bars, it’s the place to be if you’re looking for nightlife and fine dining. The Second Saturday Art Walk brings thousands of residents out as they explore galleries and enjoy live music late into the evening.   For many residences, parking is a premium and must resort of permit street parking.

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