Zip Code: 95818
School District: Sacramento City Unified
Avg. Year Built: 1939 or earlier
Website: Curtis Park City Data
Style of Homes: Craftsman Bungalow & Cottages

Curtis Park possesses that enviable combination of beauty and brains. Yes, many of the homes here are drool-worthy, but the area’s attractiveness runs more than skin-deep. Residents are known for their can-do attitude and long history of citizen activism. In 1976, they rescued a 1920s-era elementary school from demolition and, after considerable sweat equity and fundraising, established a bustling community center unrivaled in the region.   Built primarily in the early 1900s, properties in Curtis Park exude a vintage feel thanks to stunning architecture (styles range from Spanish Revival to Arts and Crafts to Storybook) and majestic trees that line the streets.

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