Zip Code: 95864
School District: San Juan Unified
Avg. Year Built: 1950-1959
Website: Arden Park City Data
Style of Homes: Ranch

Trees are revered in this verdant neighborhood, which earned a well-deserved National Arbor Day award for its valiant replanting efforts. Resident and tree enthusiast Alan Hirsch describes how many of the streets in Arden Park are like cathedrals, thanks to tree limbs that curve like gothic archways high above the pavement.  The neighborhood has a decidedly laid-back feel, due to the absence of curbs and sidewalks and the ubiquity of informal ranch-style homes situated on generous lots.  The neighborhood culture is friendly and unpretentious. Families flock here to take advantage of spacious yards, good schools a relatively short commute to downtown. Clubs for walkers, gardeners and crafters keep residents active while strengthening social bonds.

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